Super Junior The 7th Album ‘MAMACITA’ Music Video Event!!

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140901 siwon ..Helianthus Event


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Eunhyuk Instagram and Twitter Update 2014.08.309.01

@eunhyukee44 / @AllRiseSilverthanks ELF #worldsbestfanclubgathers #ELF #BLUE #cheesy #dawnemotions #

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[IMPORTANT] ELF! Version A is the only version now GUARANTEED to count to GDA. GDA is our TOP priority, so please do your best to support!!


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Siwon Instagram and Twitter Update 2014.09.02

@siwon1987 / @siwon407:Hello Beijing !

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Super Junior Talk

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siwon   I LOVE >< >< >< 0LO


Super Junior 7jib MAMACITA Thanks To | 140901


I feel the fast speed of time. It’s already 7jib…. Thankfully, thanks to your love and support, we were able to go around the world many times, and how many times did we stand on a dream-like stage… Thinking about it all, I’m thankful. I want to say thanks to beloved ELF all over the world who cheer for us without changing. And I want to say thanks to beloved family members, beloved Lee SooMan teacher, and staffs who always work hard to help us. If you guys weren’t there, we wouldn’t be at this position. Thank you again.
Thank you everyone.. Thank you God.. Please anticipate a lot from us, who are just starting now.


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[TREND & WATCH] Let’s trend #MamacitaTo6Million while we go WATCH the MV! Watch & share the link so more will click!


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Super Junior 7jib MAMACITA Thanks To | 140901


Firstly, thanks to our fans for waiting for this album for a long time. During past 2 years, I’ve experienced many events. I was shaken, was very exhausted, received many scars, and for the first time, I thought about giving up. I remembered the young days when I first I dreamed of becoming a singer, the days when I was a trainee, and the days since I met Super Junior. Looking back at those days, I gave compliments to myself, and reflected on a lot of things too. And I imagined a bit about the future. In the end, I gained conviction for things I wanted to do, and things I have to do, and what allowed me to have that strength were fans who always stood by my side and loved me without changing, and Super Junior members. I think it’s not easy for a person to go back to ‘their first mindset’. So with a new mindset, I plan to enjoy the promotions this time. I hope you continue to cheer without any reserves for the road I will take from now on. I will repay to everyone with mindset that does not change, and with changing images(appearance/side). Thank you.


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Super Junior 7jib MAMACITA Thanks To | 140901


Beloved mom and dad, thank you ^^ Super Junior members, you worked hard during the time to prepare 7jib, and I love each and everyone of you♡
Teuk-ee hyung, I’m thankful that you are with us, though it must have been very pressuring, (to work so soon after) release from army! Hyung is really our leader~ I love you / My meal friend Heechul-ee hyung~ I’m thankful that you listen to my words well, and let’s continue to live together. / I miss you.. Listen to our 7jib well~ Stay well too ^^ / Yesung-ee hyung!!!! I hope hyung’s empty spot will be filled quickly.. Let’s work together again quickly~ let’s meet again at Han River kk / KingKing! The handsomest KingKing kk Hyung, you know that I love you a lot right? / Donggri DongDong, I love hyung’s voice the most kk Let’s go for a solo song in the next album! I will try directing it. / Sungmin-ee hyung~! Thank you for always comforting me by my side ^^!! Let’s meet at Sukira soon kk / I’m happy that Hyukgu is becoming more and more handsome! Work harder ^^ Hyung, you know it, right? kkk / Donghai! I love you as much as I love Hyukgu kk Donghae-hyung, don’t be sad~ Let’s go again tonight!!! / Siwon-ee hyung, I’m sorry .. that I only like D&E kkkkk I love hyung a lot ♡ / Kibum-ah, come to the dorm~!! Let’s eat^^ / Kyuhyun-ah, do you like Changmin and Minho more than me?..ㅠ I love you KyuKyu kk / Super Junior M Zhou Mi hyung!! I hope hyung will be very happy ^^ I love you hyung~♡ / Henry, take some care of Zhou Mi hyung! kk SJM maknae Henry-yah, I’m always thankful about you! / Super Junior 7jib, let’s become daebak!!!! My girlfriend, E.L.F.. I’m thankful, and I love you! ♡ It’s 7jib now~ Till everyone gathers in one place, Ryeowook-ee will work hard too with the name ‘Super Junior’^^ I love you. Love yourself♡


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Super Junior 7jib MAMACITA Thanks To | 140901


This is an album after 3 years for me. I want to try being a bit serious in the Thanks To this time. It’s already been 10 years since we debut.
There probably are people who are new to loving me, but I’m sure there are fans who’ve been loving me for 10 years now. I think about it whenever I’m zoning out in the car, or whenever I’m going to sleep..
What ‘fans’ are..
I don’t have much of ‘fan love’ (t/n: in other words, fan service), I am not nice, so why do people give love to someone like me, who, in some way, is like a mean 5 years old?
And a thought that popped in my head was to not to look for the reason, and to express myself some too. Play (together) like we are eternal friends.
And that made me look hard at fans’ faces like I’ll put a hole on their face. Because of my prosopagnosia, my level of memory with faces are at same level as a fish but
I tried to memorize each and everyone but!!! as expected, I couldn’t do it well kkkkkkkkkk ah sorry kkkkkkkkkkkkk I can’t help this kkkkkkkkkkkkk but still, I read the letters, and try to remember their faces. Lastly, my beloved babies. Hyung will speak informally now. We will grow old someday and get married too. I hope you will come to Super Show in future with your babies. Then I would get emotional and really touched. Let’s picture ‘eternity’ like that together, and be together for a long long time ^~^
I hope that you guys will meet good people (partners) and will live happily. You guys have to get married quickly so I feel less sorry when I get married too kk
But I have to first quit games and comic books first-ng.. Tremble tremble..
Anyways, I love you, my babies!!!! Ppo Ppo kiss~ ^3^


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